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«Architecture isn't merely about fulfilling an architect's whims; it's about respecting people, their unique lifestyles, deeply rooted cultural influences, and the environment they inhabit. It shouldn't impose a flashy idea that dazzles momentarily but falls short in practicality. I believe an architect's primary mission is translating genuine needs into stylish, high-quality living and workspaces»

Antonio Minelli hails from San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. He pursued Architecture at the "Gabriele D'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara and he is currently completing an advanced master's degree in "Sustainability and energy management in construction works" at the "Scuola Master F.lli Pesenti-Politecnico di Milano."


In 2002, he relocated to Athens, Greece, where he collaborated with two architectural firms before joining a Real Estate Development company, where he continues to work today. In 2008, he expanded his scope, venturing into freelancing too.


His deep fascination with homes and workspaces as reflections of individual personalities and havens for a quality life has driven him to creatively translate clients' desires into stylish, practical solutions.



s e r v i c e s

New Constructions & Interior Design

Study on the best solution that suits your space. Original solutions designed exclusively for your house, office or store.


The project develops in three steps :

The first step is devoted to discuss and collect information, identifying the real customer needs and evaluating the transformative potential of the space.

The second step concerns the presentation of the idea utilizing bi-dimensional drawings, sketches or perspectives. 

The third step is the three-dimensional representation of the idea leading to the definition of the final project.

This process is considered "completed" when the customer is satisfied with the project.


Project management

  • Collection of quotes from work teams and suppliers

  • Supervision on building site & Quality Assurance

  • Control of the different construction stages

  • Implementation quality control

  • Budget and timetable control

  • Dressing: help in the choice of furnishings & interior decor


c o n t a c t


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