Architecture is a serious topic and It should not be the means to satisfy the whims of a person called "architect" but a way to respect other people, their own way of living, based on their own culture and the environment they have grown up.

Architecture can not be the imposition of a "theatrical" idea that surprises us at first but disappoints while we "live" it. I think that the job of an architect is to transform in style the real needs of the client for a quality living space.

Antonio Minelli was born in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. He studied Architecture at the "Gabriele D'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara. In 2002 Antonio moved to Athens where he collaborated with two architectural offices, MOV Architects and R.C.TECH. After 7 years of experience as an employee, in 2010 he decided to continue as a freelancer.

His keen interest in the concept of home as an expression of the owner's personality and as an ideal environment for a quality life, led him to find different solutions, simply expressing in style the client's wishes.