Interiors and design

Interior design:

Study on the best solution that suits your space. Original solutions designed exclusively for your space.


The project develops in three steps :

The first step is devoted to discussing and collecting information, identifying the real needs of the customer and assessing the possibility of transforming the site.

The second step involves the introduction of the first solutions with two-dimensional technical drawings and sketches, an exchange of ideas with the customer in order to determine any changes.

The third step is the three-dimensional representation of the idea leading to the definition of the final plan.

The design is considered "complete" when the customer is completely satisfied with the project.

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3D and renderings

The latest CAD, 3D rendering and parametric design technology is available and used.


The three-dimensional and photorealistic image is the final stage of the study that allows you to have a more complete view of the final picture of your home.

  • Collection of quotes from work teams and suppliers

  • Control of the different construction stages

  • Implementation quality control

  • Budget and timetable control


Cooperation with client-appointed work teams will be accepted only after the evaluation of their previous works.